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The First Degree #131 Scout Schultz @The1stDegreePod #review

 Listening to The First Degree again

The Patreon feed so its Episode 131 Scout Schultz the Georgia Tech student who was shot by police. This really would have been a decent story but the entire pronoun thing got me SO confused!! The constant "they/them" use made the script really hard to follow. At times it sounded like THEY were a group of people and not some guy who is "gender fluid" The first degree Ashley attempted really poorly to explain this but failed. We all need to stop with this crap already. So moving on, listening to the talk from Jac, Alexis and Billy was very disturbing. Not only cursing about the police who responded but also harsh talk about them not having "mental health crisis" training. I have some strong opinions & this is a sorta long post. 


"Scout is well lit and clearly there are no scary weapons present"

"There doesn't appear to be anything that present immanent danger. Scout slowly moving" 

"Immature instinct and a knee jerk response" about the POLICE

The DA said no charges that the shooting was justified. A little to educate the dimwits about tasers- Tasers that the police use work about 40% of the time. Most can be used 8-15 feet away. They give out 50,000 volts. If someone has a weak heart or a heart problem, then this can affect them in a negative way. So basically if someone is advancing towards police then 40% of the time the taser works. With those odds of working, it doesn't seem too promising. The TASER™ device is intended to control a violent or potentially violent individual while minimizing the risk of serious injury. It is anticipated that the appropriate use of such a device will result in fewer serious injuries to officers and suspects. More facts here

"Because it was a non-binary intersexed bi-sexual person" Let me ask how the hell do cops see that? This person who I call him- was a man with long hair, did HE state what he was? Would it matter?    

First Degree- Ashley- "To this day Tyler Beck still works for the Georgia Tech PD and has not suffered any consequences whatsoever, that were significant and that's just so fucked up especially because like I mean that's fuck up period. But then also like the only thing that Georgia Tech really responded with was Oh we will get more counselors and then they didn't. They assembled a mental health coalition full of faculty and a student or two. They didn't actually, as far as I remember, make any changes until in 2018 when my friend Carter killed himself. Only after Carters death did they institute the plan of making more counselor sections. I also think that if Scout had reliable access to mental health services that could have helped "them" When we talk about defunding the police this is a great example of one-why we need to do that. If we took money away from GTPD and out it in mental health services that would do so much more for the Georgia Tech community than funding the GTPD could ever do. "

Simply because this girl is so inept. Her explanations, language and ability to communicate are poor. 

Here is brain child Alexis- "It's extremely frustrating that Beck has faced NO personal repercussions. GTPD Chief Robert Connolly has insured in media interviews that all of its officers have received conflict intervention training and they are now informed on LGBTQIA+ issues and every office is equipped with a stun gun" NOW how does she know this? Did she ever talk to the officer? I think having this reported all over and on Google for eternity is enough personal repercussions. How would you react with the same situation? Well, I would say between a mental health issue, possible schizophrenia, or drugs it is really hard in that short amount of time (less than 3 minutes) to diagnose this. One thing that cops are always fearful of is what is visible and not visible. What is in the waistband in the back that they cant see. It's easy to scream defund the police. When they aren't there who do you call?  Oh yeah call the mental health professionals that may or may not be on staff. I am sure they can talk to someone and explore feelings at a crime scene.

Check out Scout and HIS video= I did a little research and there are several videos. What I see is a man in light color tee shirt and dark loose fitting jogger pants, with long hair, moving sort of odd and conversating with two different police officers. Then it seems that one, the one who shot him, gets more of the attention. He is outside the parking area. The first officer, when Scout advances, moves back towards the traffic bar in the garage.  Scout has a knife that, in all the videos is NOT clear and police are obviously repeating a hundred times to stop, while Scout is saying "shoot me" and other things like that. They are warning him to stop and he keeps advancing towards the police and gets shot. He moved, loosely judging by the width of each exit ramp, at 16 feet each and the center about 4 feet, about 32-35 feet.  At the time of the shooting he is about 6-7 feet away from the police, some report it as 8 feet. I don't think it matters at this point when you see where the confrontation started and how and where it ended. Obviously if there was a mental health professional there, it wouldn't have done anything. When someone who has a history of acting out and a suicide attempt before, I don't think anyone in 3 minutes could have deescalated it. Knowing what pronouns he used wouldn't have stopped a shooting either. Who knows what would/could happen. There is no way to see a weapon in the waistband whether a gun or another knife.  

We should all be pro police. These men are out there to protect us. Are they all perfect? No!  they are human. Mistakes happen. When you know little about them, it is so easy to make statements that are without knowledge. 


I am thoroughly annoyed at the language the host's use towards cops. This is the kind of talk that I find popular amongst liberals. Police are who we need to protect us. They are who you call when you are in trouble. Are they all perfect? NO and we know that. To use the words they did to explain this is beyond bad. I can say that Alexis and Jac have turned into some slappable people lately. Saying things like he shouldn't be a cop. It shows how liberal and uninformed they are.

Scout was thriving- NOPE Alexis he was mentally incapable to handle his school and the stress that comes with it. He also had a suicide attempt before and a few other blips on the college records that you did not mention. His parents decide to sue the school of course. The problem that I see is that they are more responsible than anyone. If your child is mentally incapable of making good decisions, has mental health issues along with a past of troubling things (suicide attempt) then you have failed. It is not the schools responsibility to go offer help to every student, but the ones that get reported whether by students or faculty, are helped. Did anyone report Scout? Did Scout ever attempt to get help? Realize that help can be offered with or without other people knowing and nobody is forced to accept help. 

The first degree Ashley complained about her own issues that made her fail all of her classes in one semester. She blamed everyone but herself. The school can offer a few mental health sessions, but if you need help, then use your medical insurance. Don't have any? Ask for the resources available outside the school for free. Should university admins have to worry about mental health budgets doubling or what they are there to do which is teach ? Overall I am sure Scout showed signs of mental incapacity. I say sure because I don't know what he did or didn't share with others. 

This was a long post so thanks for reading! 

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